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About Pizza Hut

             Pizza Hut is an American chain of pizza restaurants, famous around the world. Dan and Frank Carney were the founders of Pizza Hut in 1958, in Wichita, Kansas. They borrowed $600 from their mother to open the first Pizza Hut store. Currently, Pizza Hut is the world's largest pizza restaurant chain with more than 16,000 traditional restaurants in nearly 100 countries.

           Pizza Hut's menu includes pizza, pies, pasta, fries, and fried mozzarella bars.

           In addition to steadily increasing food sales, Pizza Hut was also the first pizza company to deliver to the White House (1989), the International Space Station (2001), and Mount Kilimanjaro (2016).

Tips to save money at Pizza Hut.

  • Visit and follow website to receive coupons, and promotion codes that are updated regularly.Holiday deals:
    • Pizza Hut offers great deals on special days and seasons, such as the holiday season, National Pizza Day, Black Friday, and Super Bowl Sunday.

      Don't miss these special days to save even more.

    • Pizza at your fingertips: download the free Pizza Hut app for your smartphone. 

          This is the fastest and easiest way to order as well:

                - Find places near you

                - Get a Pizza Hut promo code

                - Pre-order

                - Get notified of any new menu item.

    • Plus, you'll get Pizza Hut coupons on your birthday, exclusive offers, and faster payouts when you sign up for Hut Rewards.
    • Gift cards for everyone in your life:

               There is a huge selection of gift cards so you can find the right card for any occasion. You can send the card in person, by email, or buy in bulk if you want to gift your entire co-worker.

    • Dinner is served:

    Get all your favorite menu items in one box. Order the Dinner Box to combine all the items you want at the best price. Customize your box with pizza, bread, and cinnamon sticks. You can also upgrade to the Big Dinner Box by adding pizza, or chips, soft drinks… Organize everything together, saving you time and money.

    • You also get a discount when you sign up via Pizza Hut email. Promotions that vary between seasons and even between customers will be sent to your inbox.

     Some promotions offer customer-specific discounts on frequently ordered items or location-specific discounts on fulfillment orders.

    Pizza Hut Rewards Program.

               The Pizza Hut Rewards program is open to all customers who make in-app, online, or in-store purchases. Pizza Hut issues 2 Hut Rewards points for every dollar spent. Customers accumulate bonus points until they reach a suitable level, which can be used to redeem gifts.

               Recent bonus points include: free bread - 75 points, a free eight-piece boneless wing -125, and a free large pizza - 300 points.

    Pizza Hut Delivery Policy

    • Contactless Delivery Service:

               To protect the health and safety of employees, delivery drivers, and customers, Pizza Hut offers contactless delivery and even curbside pickup.

               During the ordering process, the customer chooses "Let My Order Be Delivered". An open field labeled Delivery Instructions allows customers to specify where to leave an order or notify the driver in advance of whatever is appropriate.

    • Minimum Pizza Hut order for delivery:

                 Minimum Order requirements vary from store to store. The average delivery minimum is $10.

                 However, some stores even accept orders under $5.

    Pizza Hut return/refund policy.

                Due to health codes in most countries, Pizza Hut does not accept customers returning food they have delivered.

                However, in some stores, if the product or service is incorrect or does not meet the customer's satisfaction, the store will issue a refund. Customers must contact the store where they placed their order. Credit card refunds typically take 15 to 30 days.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Pizza Hut.

    (1) What's special about Pizza Hut offer?

    Pizza Hut special offers include: P'ZONE, Dinner Box, and Cinnabon Mini Rolls. Visit Pizza Hut's Deals page or Getcoupon365 to learn about all the special offers.

    (2) What does the Pizza Hut 5$ menu have?

    Pizza Hut's current $5 menu items are Cheez-It™ Pizza, Medium Pizza, Boneless Chicken Wings, Cinnabon® Mini Rolls, and more when you order two or more.

    (3) How to use promo code on

    Please follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Add the items to your cart, then, click on the red cart icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Step 2: At the Payment screen, enter the promo code in the empty field labeled "Enter discount code".
    • Step 3: Click "Apply" and wait for the promo code to be applied, then click "Checkout" to finish the transaction.

    (4) What is Pizza Hut's gluten-free pizza and how do I buy it?

    Pizza Hut's gluten-free pizzas are cakes made with gluten-free starches, such as brown rice flour and sweet potato flour.

              Not all Pizza Hut stores offer gluten-free pizza. Click the "Gluten-Free" link at the bottom of the homepage and enter your ZIP code to confirm before placing your order.

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